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2012 ISSA International Conference - Keynote Recordings

On behalf of ISSA International, our host chapter, Orange County, and the 2012 International Conference committee, I would like to thank all who joined us at the 2012 International Conference in Anaheim, California.

Below are recordings of the inspiring keynote presentations. Click here for Featured Speakers (member log in required).


Howard A. Schmidt

Join recently retired Cybesecurity Coordinator for the Obama Administration, as he shares insights from his time at the White House’s Executive Office of the President and extensive career in the information security field.


John F. Koster, MD – President and CEO, Providence Health & Services
The Data-Driven Collaborative Enterprise – A CEO’s Perspective

"Big data” is here, but organizations need to understand how to use it. Dr. Koster will share how he has transformed his health care organization with meaningful use of digital tools and collaboration among experts to not only identify innovation, but spread it across scale in real time. This collaborative implementation of new technology has provided an environment that allows for enhanced security without detracting from the really significant improvements in health care around quality and affordability.

Keynote Panel: Embracing Change

Join leading CISOs as they discuss how they have embraced change to make their organizations faster, better, smarter and, most importantly, safer.

Moderated by: Bob Bragdon - Publisher, CSO Magazine

Panelists Include:
  • Eric Cowperthwaite - Chief Information Security Officer, Providence Health & Services
  • Jack Jones- Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Huntington Bank
  • Tammy Moskites - Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Time Warner Cable
  • Robert Pittman - Chief Information Security Officer, County of Los Angeles


    Ross Koppel, PhD – Professor, University of Pennsylvania
    Human Creativity: Workarounds as Enablers and Inhibiters of Security

    IT systems oblige humans to be creative in ways system designers neither anticipated nor wanted – with occasional disastrous consequences. Workarounds allow people and systems to function. They allow competent and incompetent, well-intended and malefactors, to overcome bad programming, insufficient training, poor design, and inadequate integration of information technology and workflow. Sometimes workarounds display valuable efficiencies; sometimes they permit the lazy or inattentive to accomplish tasks in unfortunate ways. Always, workarounds expose opportunities for system knowledge and improvements. Most workarounds are unnoticed and unheeded; many are taught as part of routine procedures.

    In this keynote session, Professor Koppel will share his extensive research on workarounds via observations, statistical analyses, intensive interviews, shadowing, and participation in key committees. Examples will be drawn primarily from health care organizations, but also from financial, data storage and security sectors. Building security systems without fully considering workarounds is like assuming no one ever leaves the key under the mat.

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